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The DeCreaseR Site

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all about the kitchen

The "Kitchen" is where "Chef" keeps all of his custom designs. In the Kitchen all customs are grouped according to price point restaurant style. With the least expensive and simples custom dishes being grouped in the Appetizer section, more involved and thusly more expensive dishes being grouped in the Lunch section and so on. Feel free to start at the Appetizer page and scroll through the menu progression to get a feel for what features affect pricing and what ingredients can be added to a custom dish when creating a masterpiece with Chef at his table or A La Carte in the GourmetKickz Creator.

what's new in the kitchen

turnaround time and order policies

There are no refunds on custom sneaker orders so be sure you want the kicks you order before sending payment via paypal. Construction time takes anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks. The simpler dishes will take closer to 1 or 2 weeks to complete whereas the more complex dishes will take closer to 9 weeks. Generally if you are buying an expensive dish expect a bit of a wait. Perfection takes time and it's never a good thing to rush the Chef!

all about the deep freezer

The "Deep Freezer" is where "Chef" keeps all of his deadstocked goodies "on ice". Be it for a "rainy yet" or more appropriately for a sunny day with zero humidity, Chef likes to keep some doubles of his favorite classics hanging around. Don't be surprised to find full size runs of instant classics or hard to find heat on ice. The Deep Freezer is always fully stocked with items ready to go. All items listed in the Deep Freezer are acutally IN STOCK! GourmetKickz does not believe in the "List Now Fulfill Later" ethos of some unscrupulous sites who sell kicks they don't even have. GourmetKickz also takes all original imagery, so what you see is what you get! No copied and pasted photos here! Orders from the Deep Freezer are processed and shipped within 48 hours!

what's new in the deep freezer

order policies

There are no refunds on exclusive sneaker orders after 6 hours. GourmetKickz is a small shop and runs business just like you were at the counter of your favorite Gourmet Deli. If you order a sandwich, you pay for the sandwich, the sandwich is yours. Here at GourmetKickz we understand that sometimes erros occur, so we allow 6 hours to get in touch with us by email. After that, your order is already off to the Post Office and no refund can be issued. All sneakers are checked for flaws or issues prior to shipping so you can be certain you are getting CLEAN DEADSTOCK sneakers.

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