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This page documents the activity of Brandon Stewart, a customer who failed to read and who rushed with the same inquiry so many times I finally cancelled his order.

August 21 – Brandon Place an order for a custom yeezy on this website.

August 21 – Brandon ignored all site policies, wait times, and warnings and immediately sent me a DM on instagram.

August 21 – I alerted Brandon that I could only confirm his order and remind him that the site is very clear about wait times, and that he should read them to make sure he understands. I informed him that updates on order status are not provided as I have a very limiting schedule with no time remaining to send precise updates. As mentioned on this site’s FAQs, shoes are either unfinished or finished. There simply is no in between, and upon completion a tracking number is provided along with an email. The estimated completion window for Brandon’s sneaker was 4 to 8 weeks.

2 week After Purchase – Brandon DM’d me again on IG. A practice that my FAQ and Site Policies Page advises against. My site encourages all shoppers to use the Order Status Form to send any communications about an active order. Brandon ignored this too. I kept things very honest with Brandon and warned him on IG DM reply that it sounded like he did not read the site. I encouraged him to do so and reminded him that I shoot for deadlines as best as possible, sometimes I miss them by a couple weeks. I also elaborated that since this was a cool custom he could look out for a post and tag on IG. This info however seemed to not be enough for Brandon.

A couple weeks later – Brandon contacted me again, outside of the order status form. I ignored this email because I had already given him an adequate answer. Additionally he was not using the status form.

Another week later – Brandon emailed me again, on a weekend. I normally reply to emails on workdays.

Same night – Brandon messaged me on IG at 2 AM and woke me. I replied bluntly saying that he is clearly not reading my previous replies. I advised that he do so and never contact me that late again. I then blocked him on IG.

Next morning – Brandon immediately after receiving my IG DM reply emailed me, and asked the SAME question again, the answer to which he had all along.

Same day – Brandon accused me of making him wait “a few months” while only 1.4 months had passed. He then began to threaten me and demand my completion of the shoes. He also made clear he is a veteran, which I presume was supposed to make me all the more eager to be spoken to rudely as if I was his subordinate.

Same day – I cancelled Brandon’s order and issued a full refund as seen evidenced below.

Same day – The drama continued as Brandon acted like a brat and threatened me with negative reviews and a spanking by his lawyer.

Same day – I told Brandon that he and his lawyer could take turns blowing each other. I then sent him proof of the refund.

Don’t be like Brandon. Read the site policies, be patient, and use the Status Update form. Threaten me or be rude to me and I will either cancel your order or send you incomplete work or ship-now goods. Brandon was not worth the headache of sending goods other than his kicks because it is a Sunday and I am bout to hit the gym. If this were a Monday I may have decided to really mess up his week and teach this so called “Marine” a lesson about reading, comprehension, and patience.

Cry Baby Brandon Stewart