Signature “Now Serving A Golden Mas-T-Feast” Jordan GMP 6/7 T-Shirt

$ 50.00


Thus far you have seen several of my signature shirt series: Now Serving, Deluxe Now Serving, Now Serving A Mas-T-Piece and The Feast. Well here is the premiere shirt in my latest signature line “Now Serving a Mas-T-Feast” which is very simply a “Mas-T-Piece” Shirt with an all over print. This particular shirt is meant to hook-up to the Jordan Golden Moments Pack (GMP) which includes the Air Jordan 6 & 7. The artwork is by Mas, the concept and layout are by Chef. The all over print is a recreation of the graphic on the drawstring bags included in the GMP packaging. The result is a simple, timeless, classy shirt that screams connoisseur. The back is printed with just the flag pattern.


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