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GourmetKickz You Art What You Wear

Brands Are Now A Fashionable Artform

Chef of GourmetKickz can turn anything into a cool design and make you want to wear it! That spells BRAND EXPOSURE!

The Sneaker Culture is one of the most talked about lifestyles on the news and social media. Rappers have helped make Patron and other Liquors a household name, similarly they have helped make rare sneakers and custom footwear an integral part of partying! Check out how Chef can adapt a brand like Patron to his custom sneaker creations.

sneaker1 sneaker2 sneaker3 sneaker4

Now what would custom sneakers be without some custom apparel? And we aren’t just talking typical logo hits or embroidered polo shirts, everyone is doing that. We are talking well cooked shirts designed with taste, utilizing the latest technology in all over apparel printing! Check it out!

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