Cook Your Own Custom Foamposite | Concord Base

$ 350.00

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  • Click “Choose From Designs” to select an area of the Concord Foamposite base you wish to color up.
  • From “Choose From Designs” select “Foamposite Wrap” to add artwork.
  • Click the Soles to “dye” them a new color OR select “Foamposite Glow Sole” in the Designs Choices.
  • Click the SAVE icon to store several designs and compare before checkout.
  • Click SHARE  to generate a unique URL and promote your design.
  • Select your size and add to cart. Then checkout.




Customize your own Nike Foamposite One. Follow the directions above to bring your imagination to life. Save and share your design to get feedback from friends before committing to your purchase. Select your size and checkout. All custom sneaker orders take a minimum of 4 to 6 months. Kitchen work load varies and there is only 1 Chef so if you are impatient please do not order. Wait times often exceed estimates so please be understanding and do not rush artwork, especially if you want your custom sneaker to look JUST like the mockup you created.

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