Cook Your Own Custom Foamposite | Concord Base

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Use This Foamposite Customizer Tool to
Visualize A Unique Dish and

Let Chef Cook It Up

Best Foam Customs

Trust that your mockup will come to life looking even more spectacular than imagined. Chef has been ranked the BEST in the world when it comes to cooking up foams!

Optional Glow Soles

One of the most striking features of the foamposite is the ice sole that most pairs feature. This sole is one of Chef’s favorite areas to transform. A glowing sole is a sure fire way to break necks. And no one can made an ice sole glow like Chef of GourmetKickz.

Wearable Art

Aside from being beautiful works of art, GourmetKickz custom foamposites are durable enough to endure every day wear and tear. They are customized using materials that can endure scuffs and scrapes.

Custom Packaging

Every custom foamposite that has a fabric wrap as part of the customizations will automatically include a matching custom box. The existing sneaker box for the base shoe will be wrapped in the same pattern as the foamposite.

Designed By You

Cooked Up by Chef

Don’t think of this foamposite creator as a strict representation of what your custom foamposites will look like. Of course if you really want them made exactly as shown, that is easy for Chef to do. But what’s the fun in color by numbers, or coloring on the lines for that matter? Why not challenge Chef? Feel free to use the foamposite creator as a general blueprint, a list of ingredients if you will, that Chef should put his own pizzazz into. You can communicate with Chef after your order to give him suggestions on what to do with the mockup associated with your order. Reference the images of other foamposites on this page and you will see they contain elements represented in the foamposite creator, but have lots of Chef’s own special sauce mixed in!

Design Instructions

Follow These Steps for Best Experience

  • Click “Choose From Designs” to select an area of the Concord Foamposite base you wish to color up.
  • From “Choose From Designs” select “Foamposite Wrap” to add artwork.
  • Click the Soles to “dye” them a new color OR select “Foamposite Glow Sole” in the Designs Choices.
  • Click the SAVE icon to store several designs and compare before checkout.
  • Click SHARE  to generate a unique URL and promote your design.
  • Select your size and add to cart. Then checkout.
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