Frequently Asked Questions

Shirts arrive to your door in 2 weeks or less. Order status will remain pending until your shirt is shipped. All shirts are made to order so for the first week after payment your shirt is being queued for production.

Go to this page and provide your exact order details. This is the only way to receive a detailed status update in return. However in general the easy answer is “Your kicks aren’t done yet”. This is because in the Kitchen there are really only 2 status for custom sneakers: done or not done.

Yes! I would never sell or customize fakes.

Most of the listing include the base shoe needed to produce the final custom piece shown. If the listing lets you select your shoe size, it includes the base shoe.

Most of the sneakers on this site are customized works of art. These sneakers started life as a Nike manufactured shoe, then landed in my “Kitchen” where I added my own artwork and flare to, thus transforming them into GourmetKickz “food for the sole”.

When Chef is so busy cooking orders from months past, it is very difficult to work on brand new artwork. Therefore, in order to release his ideas he launches products with illustrations. His track record for bringing illustrated concepts to life is excellent. Past shoes that started as illustrations when they were listed are: Kill Bill KD4, ParaNorman KD4, ParaNorma-Like Foamposite, King of the Galaxy LeBron 9, King of the Galaxy LeBron X, and many more. If you delay your purchase until an image of the actual shoe is available you will be disappointed since by that time the shoe is usually sold out. Therefore either trust Chef’s illustrations and track record, or be sorry.

If the design you want is not already listed on the site, you must use the “1 of 1 page” to commission Chef to create something unique. Details are listed from there. Currently there is no quote system available on this website and due to the volume of orders time cannot be spent sharing ideas until you have commissioned Chef. Don’t know how much to spend? That is understandable, budget choices are therefore listed on the 1 of 1 page.

Easy answer! Because my time is so limited and I am in such high demand and so fully booked that I am not currently able to work on smaller projects. If I am to be commissioned on a 1 of 1 piece of wearable art, I am only interested in making time for challenging works of art. Challenging works require my complete focus and time and therefore, the minimum rate is now set. If you were interested in spending less money, you should check back with me to see if things ever calm down in the Kitchen. My prediction is that it will become increasingly more difficult to commission 1 of 1 pieces from me.

Sure… at the CURRENT commission a 1 of 1 price.

Wait times vary from shoe to shoe. Wait times also depend on the current work load in the kitchen. For most sneakers on this site, plan on a wait of at least 6 months unless otherwise stated. If the wait time for a shoe is less than 6 months, it will be stated in the description for that custom sneaker.

Wearable art has its limits, just like a piece of hanging art. My custom kicks are intended for casual wear, not rough athletic wear. With proper care custom kicks can last indefinitely. My customs use a mix of mediums, from paint to fabric to other textiles. Industrial strength materials are used as are reliable paints and clear coat finishes. Handle with care, because with some of today’s sneaker materials paint no longer soaks in as it would with leather, it adheres just like it would on a car or a sculpture. Clear coats offer durability, however scraping or rough wear will inevitably break down clear coats and compromise the art. Similarly soles that are treated to glow will wear down to the rubber if you wear them on concrete, glow is a coating not a dye. Even dyed soles will wear down eventually to reveal the original sole color, rubber is non-absorbent, it is not a sponge or a fabric, rubber is non-porous and it is tinted on the surface when dyed. not throughout like a piece of cloth being dyed.  The sides of your glowed and dyed soles will last indefinitely, and with care so will the bottoms. Keep in mind the larger of a person you are, the more care is needed when walking on concrete and rough surfaces, your soles will wear down faster due to gravity and physics. Wear with care!

Sure… you can pay 3 times the list price for expedited completion. Why? Because you are asking to cut a whole bunch of people who are waiting in a paid line and at least 1 or 2 people are going to be affected by me skipping your order. The Additional 2 times the original price is just about enough to cover some “damage control”.

USPS Priority with signature confirmation on any order over $750. Smaller orders are shipping with delivery confirmation.

I have my reasons. I reserve the right to cancel any order that smells fishy.

Not unless the tracking number you sent was no good. In other words if you tracked the kicks you sent and they show delivered, then I have them. There is no need to see if I got my mail.

Refunds take about 5 Business Days to post to your original form of payment.

Yep, calls only 775-476-8549 leave a voicemail if no one answers.