Sneaker Artist / Designer

I’m a custom sneaker designer who specializes in blending the use of acrylic paint with print designs and fabrics. My designs have been sold all over the world and I have worked with major brands like FootLocker and 1800 Tequila.

I also design some of the best sneaker colorway matching apparel on the internet that no sneakerhead’s wardrobe should be without!

Chef of GourmetKickz


300 Honeyspot Rd Stratford, CT 06615


300 Honeyspot Rd Stratford, CT 06615

Chef's Design Ideology

Chef likes to keep his ideas to himself, and prefers that client’s keep their ideas private until a dish is commissioned. Chef prefers to be inspired rather than influenced. This allows him to cook something up that is all his own, while also reflecting the tastes of his client. What this means for the client is Chef does not take orders. He is not waitstaff, he is the nexus of masterpieces, the creator of dishes, he is the boss. The client’s role is to inspire Chef. Clients are encouraged to have a conversation with Chef so he can get to know you on a level that is deeper than your love of kicks. Chef wants to know what your true loves in life are. He wants to understand your passion for footwear so that when he cooks for you, his masterpiece truly speaks to your soul and your sole! This can be a tough process to get used to as many clients are accustomed to telling sneaker artists exactly what they want, and watching it come to life. Xerox artists are a dime a dozen and the value of their work is the stuff of dollar menus. Chef cooks true fine cuisine for sneakerheads with good taste. Only refined palates are welcome at Chef’s table. And when dinner is served, you shall relish in the feast!

Chef in the News

Weekly Drop Episode

Chef was first recognized as an influencer by Rob Heppler and Frank the Butcher on their Podcast “Weekly Drop”. If you aren’t familair with these two characters, well Frank used to run Concepts in Cambridge, MA and Rob designed the Lobster SB Dunk. The two have many other accolades to their names, but the two mentioned should be enough to catch your attention. Listen to their very first “sneaker-centric” Weekly Drop podcast featuring Chef. Chef was first recognized as an influencer by Rob Heppler and Frank the Butcher on their Podcast “Weekly Drop”