The GourmetKickz Creator

Design Sneakers in 3D

The 3D KicksCreator is no longer supported by browsers. But read on and learn more…

Before Nike ID allowed for a realistic multi-angle view of the AF1 in their Nike ID interface, Chef partnered with a design team and through the sponsorship of 1800 Tequila the GourmetKickz Creator was born in 2008. The website utilized a software called Papervision and rendered a realistic all white AF1 low. The sneaker could be rotated 720 degrees and customized down to the stitch color. Users could choose from swatches of art-adorned fabric to cover each panel or combinations of panels. After purchase Chef would receive the order details and serve up the custom dish within 8 weeks.

No such design tool has ever been launched again. Unfortunately the site was decommissioned in 2020 since flash is no longer supported in browsers.