All About The Brand And The Creative Mind Behind It.

GourmetKickz “food for the sole” is a lifestyle brand that speaks from the perspective of the sneakerhead with good taste. As such the catalog of offerings from GourmetKickz are top notch, creative, stand out pieces of wearable art. All custom sneakers offered under the GourmetKickz brand are hand crafted by one man, Chef Spar. GourmetKickz also currently offers t-shirts; cotton graphic tees and polyester all over print tees.

How it all started

GourmetKickz was born when Chef Spar decided to turn a hobby into a business in 2002. After collecting and reselling sneakers as a past time, and generating both a following and a clientele, Chef decided to kick things up a notch and play to his business name by actually cooking up custom artwork on kicks. After a trial run on a pair of Dunk Lows which sold for over $300 once Chef cooked them into the “Beef and Broccolis”, it was decided that custom sneaker creation would be a focus. Chef then climbed the ranks and became well known as a top tier collector and customizer.

The Approach

GourmetKickz approach to custom sneakers is all about presentation. Just as a 5 Star Restaurant would present its famous dishes with amazing detail and style, Chef Spar presents his masterpieces in a manner that attracts attention and elevates custom sneakers to the realm of fine art. His packaging and attention to detail put his dishes over the top and into a class all their own.


Chef Spar likes to keep his ideas to himself, and prefers that client’s keep their ideas private until a dish is commissioned. Chef prefers to be inspired rather than influenced. This allows him to cook something up that is all his own, while also reflecting the tastes of his client. In offering a Crowd Funded Platform here on gourmetkickztarter, Chef is opening up his concepts to the public through renderings and inspiration imagery to garner enough financial support to turn a concept into a full fledged masterpiece. Supporters will have the option to simply play donor or actually pledge enough to own one of these creations after a concept is funded and produced in the Kitchen. This method will allow Chef to make changes as needed to his production method and create multiple pairs more efficiently as supporters will have bought into a concept that has not yet been revealed. True supporters will have allowed Chef the creative freedom and afforded him the trust to take his renderings and concepts from computer screen to serving plate.

Chef was first recognized as an influencer by Rob Heppler and Frank the Butcher on their Podcast “Weekly Drop”

Chef was honored by FOX 61 News in a 5 minute documentary that aired all over New England and was later syndicated to affiliates nationwide.