Returns & Refunds

ALL SALES ARE FINAL Unless we make a mistake.

GourmetKickz is a custom made to order small business. Please do not expect the same type of return, exchange, or refund policies that you may be used to when shopping at large big box retailers. This is not Nike, this is not Macy’s, this is a homegrown small business where every order is custom made, not pulled out of a box from China.

Tips to avoid order issues:

Contact us immediately if we made an error.

If there is a mistake on your order please email pictures of the error to so we can contact the print department and have a replacement shirt sent. It’s as easy as that, no claims needed.

Read garment size charts

Compare them to your own clothing to ensure a proper fit.

Design variations

Most apparel on this site has several design variations. It is often necessary to click through the image gallery for that product to read the image captions and determine what the design names / versions are. The default product image shown is not always “version 1” of a product. The default image for a product with several design variations is typically the most popular design. This means customers need to scroll through the gallery to locate that design and determine which version it is. Items with design variations state that you must read the image captions for the design version / name. Skipping this step is not grounds for a return.

What To Expect

On each all over print dye sublimation shirt listing there is a “What to Expect” disclaimer with an image of what creases can occur during sublimation pressing. Ignoring this disclaimer is not grounds for a return or reprint. You may not send us images of these creases in an attempt to call them “errors” or grounds for “not liking the quality of the print” since you were told about them on the product page.


Computer and device screens display color in RGB mode. For all over print dye sublimated products this means some colors are going to look slightly different in person. This is not a reason for return. This is a limitation of the All Over Print Dye Sublimation technology. To read more about All Over Print Dye Sublimation click here.

Use your correct shipping address.

Once you checkout with PayPal we can only ship to the address you entered. This is due to the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy and Seller Requirements. All of our shirts are printed by a contracted professional print shop, they get an instant API notification to start your order the second you pay for it. This means if we cancel your order with the print shop, we still have to pay for it. Sorry, once again, this is a small business and we cannot operate like that. Get your order details correct prior to payment to avoid any issues.

Ask questions using our inquiry form before purchase.

It makes no sense to ask questions about the item you are interested in after you pay for it. There is loads of information on each and every product page, so please take your time, read through it, then place your order. Or, if the info you need is not on the site, use the inquiry form.

Allow 2 weeks for shirts to arrive.

Before you send us an inquiry, let 2 weeks pass. Opening a claim in PayPal without waiting 2 weeks and without contacting us using the order inquiry page is a quick way to get banned from future use of the site. Opening a claim without contacting us first also ruins any chance of receiving our support for issues with your order. If you wish to receive support on your order, be it a faulty graphic, a mistake on your order, or something that is just not quite right, send us an inquiry instead of filing a claim. If you file a claim, we will focus our time on winning the claim instead of helping you. Sorry, this is a small business so you cannot get both.

Communicate with us if you get impatient.

Especially if your order is for a custom sneaker. Use the inquiry form to do so and express your concern in detail. Rushing Chef is not a good idea, you wouldn’t rush a surgeon or someone painting your luxury car would you? After all this is GourmetKickz… not McKickz.