Commission Chef on a 1 of 1 Custom Sneaker

$ 450.00$ 2,000.00

Using the chart please determine your budget and desires and proceed to checkout in order to commission Chef on a 1 of 1 custom sneaker masterpiece.




Collaborate With Chef and
Create Your Own Personal Holy Grail

Create The Sneaker of Your Dreams

Truly Special

Tell Chef about your passions, hobbies, favorite places, etc. And let him create a work of Art that speaks to YOUR sole!

The Little Things

The details of this custom will speak to the smallest details about you or your passions. The devil IS in the details, and Chef is a DEMON!

Custom Jordan 3 Patina PaThreena by GourmetKickz

Luxurious Packaging

The packaging will directly reflect the spirit of the custom design. Adorned with details that compliment the overall theme.

Laser Etching

The top tier selection comes with the option for laser etched packaging and a very special container for your 1 of 1 work of art.

Designed By Chef Himself

From Soup To Nuts By One Artist, No Helpers

Your custom 1 of a kind comes with a guarantee that you will love the final product. Chef reserves the right to withhold exact design details until the shoe is complete. This is part of his creation process. All design work must come from Chef. While input from the client is appreciated and used as inspiration, Chef by no means creates under the direction of a client. Clients who seek to instruct, or list exactly how they want the sneaker to look are free to contact other artists who operate in that fashion. Chef is a commissioned artist, not a line cook. The resulting work speaks to HIS artistry and should speak about YOU through HIS voice.

Compare Budget Tiers

Tier 1

  • Send In Your Own Sneaker
  • Excludes Foamposites
  • Custom Paint / Fabric
  • Custom Insoles
  • 2 Month Wait Time
  • Photo Shoot Images
  • 1 Hour Consultation

Tier 2

  • Send In Any Sneaker
  • Custom Paint / Fabric
  • Custom Graphic Box
  • Custom Insoles
  • Dyed Soles
  • Glowing Soles
  • 4 Month Wait Time
  • Photo Shoot Images
  • 2 Hour Consultation

Tier 3

  • Send In Any Sneaker
  • Custom Paint / Fabric
  • Leather or Textile Addons
  • Custom Graphic Box
  • Custom Insoles
  • Dyed Soles
  • Glowing Soles
  • 5 to 6 Month Wait Time
  • Photo Shoot Images
  • Instagram Feature
  • Matching Shirt & Socks
  • Unlimited Consultation

Tier 4

  • Sneaker Included
  • Custom Paint / Fabric
  • Leather or Textile Addons
  • Additional Addons
  • Custom Wood Laser Box
  • Custom Insoles & Tags
  • Dyed Soles
  • Glowing Soles
  • 6 Month Wait Time
  • Instagram Feature
  • Matching Shirt & Socks
  • Skype or Call Consult

See What Past Clients Say

Love the creations that Chef has cooked up for me!  They are definitely head turners!  Purchased four pairs and all are high quality Kickz!

Mike Batres

Thanks again for including me in this campaign. Love the work you do
and the artistry behind it.

Jaques Slade

Why aren’t you a designer at Nike? Hands down the best creative customizer out!

Jamaal Jackson

The pathreenas arrived.  OMFG.  The levels and details will take me hours to appreciate.  You absolutely kicked ass on this. Thank you. The box is the ultimate go along with these and stands on its own. Thank you man – you have exceeded my expectations. Can not wait to see what else you cook up for me.

Matt King

I’m so excited to be getting another amazing pair from you!

Johnny Kush

Man that concept is sick and executed to perfection!

Matt Main

You’re too deep for Nike Bro!

Anfernee Hardaway

Those are insane me some 1s! My favorite out the pack so far. But awesome work as usual Sir chef

Jed Crocket