Custom Nike Roshe Run Premium “Freddy Krueger” by Chef

$ 350.00

What do Freddy Krueger and Chef have in common? Well they both do their slaying with kitchen knives! As such it only makes sense that GourmetKickz offers yet another Nightmare On Elm Street inspired custom. Some of you may remember the famed “Freddy Foamposite” that Chef cooked up over a year ago. It was regarded by many as one of the best Freddy customs ever. As you can see, Chef is back for Part II and decided to use a Roshe Run Premium from NikeID as the base.

Freddy’s sweater is represented on the heel and lining. His burned skin is revealed through slashes on the sidewall. Tan skin tone with bloody splatters cover the rest of the upper. The outsole is painted in silvery steel to mimic the shape and color of Freddy’s blades.

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