Chef Predicts Patina and Aged Metallics as an Emerging Trend

GourmetKickz Patina Trend Prediction

As a tastemaker and visionary it is often pure instinct that directs a creative like Chef Spar. Since his first Patina project involving Penny Hardaway, Chef has been on a patina-craze. He has completely owned this theme, implementing real copper in his paints and using an aging effect to produce beautiful bluish green hues of this amazing texture. Chef predicts that along with patina we will see other oxidized metals claim their place in fashion. He likens the use of patina, rust, oxidation, tarnish, and other aged metal effects to the use of indigo fading and denim distressing. In a world so inundated with cutting edge technology and white washed futuristic gadgets there seems to be a beckoning within us that craves vintage goods. As if to juxtapose our futuristic surroundings many of use gravitate toward well worn goods and distressed garments. It is exactly this gravity Chef predicts that will shine a light on the splendor that is patina and aged metal effects.

Be sure to check out Chef’s Patina projects as they emerge along with other aged metal projects he has in the works.