5 Pack of The DeCreaseR

$ 45.00

Follow the included instructions, or view the instructions in the gallery to assist you in properly installing these into your brand new or already worn kicks. The DeCreaseR will not only defend your new kicks against toebox creasing but it will pop out already set in creases giving the toebox a newer look and allowing your sneakers to last longer.

Install them temporarily or indefinitely. The choice is yours. One pair provides defense for plenty of wear. They are foam lined for comfort and use a minimal amount of antibacterial plastic so your toes are not cramped like competing products shell-like design. The “legs” of the DeCreaseR all one size to fit feet from 8 to 14. Trim if needed for smaller sizes. See instructions flip side for tips and tricks.



Ships within 1 to 2 weeks due to the high demand of this product.