Custom “Before He Rose” Nike Air Force 1 by GourmetKickz

$ 450.00

The Custom Nike Air Force One Low Before He Rose by GourmetKickz the AF1 King is one of the most amazing custom sneakers ever made from fabric and gold accents.

The toebox and swooshes are affixed with gold foil fabric. The sidewall and heel are seamlessly affixed with an amazing skulls and roses fabric. The tongue tag is also affixed with this fabric, each foot bearing a different portion of the fabric for a truly unique look. The inside and outside of each foot also bear a different scene from the fabric. The frontal and eyestay are painted with a vibrant magenta-red paint to hook up with the colors from the fabric.



The price includes the base shoe. Estimated wait time for this custom is 2 months. Due to high demand and only 1 Chef in the Kitchen wait times are steep and subject to change without notice.  All sales are final, no exceptions.