Custom 1 of 1 “Savage” Terminator High Premium

$ 800.00

The base shoe is known as the “Godzilla” Terminator Premium High. It was released  over 10 years ago and has remained in deadstock condition for the entire time.

The moccasin flap of the shoe is made from a material known as Kawawaka, named after the artist who created it. The material is a denim base with repairing, distressing, and boro (the Japanese art of repairing and restitching denim) with pieces of canvas, leather, and snakeskin mixed in. The accents used are handmade clay feathers affixed with copper wire, suede lacing, wooden rams skull heel medallion, bone skeleton lacelock and a brass skull lacelock. The final piece is … SAVAGE!



This custom sneaker is already complete and ready to ship. No wait time.