Custom Flower Bomb Nike AF1 High by GourmetKickz

$ 275.00

Call this Chef cooking up Beef Part II, directed at the boys across the pond of course. Call it capitalizing on an increase in google searches for “flower bomb” AF1 if you like. Either way, my website works and this custom is much more creative than just an embroidered patch slapped on an AF1. If you can read between the lines, the use of Banksy’s Flower Bomber is a direct shot at the UK based guys who launched their embroidered patch custom. Why they did not think to reference a UK Based artist as great as Banksy in their own custom is beyond me. It seemed like an opportunity missed. Well the Banksy on this custom AF1 did not miss, he clearly launches his bouquet at the front of the sneaker and lands a direct hit, with the floral explosion at the frontal panel, which then wraps around the entire inboard side of the shoe (not yet shown).

The printed floral pattern is fused directly to the sneaker, a process I have used for all of my 15 years in the custom sneaker craft. The process is durable and water resistant.


  • 100% Authentic All White AF1 Hi Base
  • Completed Custom Pair As Shown
  • Custom Printed Floral Insoles (Not Shown)
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The price includes the base shoe. Estimated wait time is 2 to 4 weeks. Due to high demand and only 1 Chef in the Kitchen wait times are steep and subject to change without notice.  All sales are final, no exceptions.