Custom “Foampollo One” aka “Light Side | Dark Side of the Moon”

$ 1,000.00$ 1,200.00

This is a customized foamposite one themed after the light and dark sides of the moon. The name “Foampollo One” is a play on words which should instantly invoke images of the moon and the famed foamposite one. The exterior of the foamposite is treated with Chef’s signature “VT-style” wrap consisting of moon surface print. No two pair will be identical, making each and every pair a true one of a kind. The exterior of the shoe is then made to glow on the outboard side and reflect light on the inboard side. These properties of illumination and reflection completely embody the theme: light side and dark side of the moon. The images tell the rest of the tale. Once you commit to purchase, we will have lift off!

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The price includes the base shoe. Standard wait times apply. Due to high demand and only 1 Chef in the Kitchen wait times are steep and subject to change without notice.  All sales are final, no exceptions.