Custom Nike Air Max 1 Premium Women’s Un-Patina

$ 370.00

Patina is a individualized effect prized for its unique aesthetic and found primarily in copper pieces that have been exposed to oxidation. A throwback to Chef’s Patina Pack this Air Max 1 Premium Women’s Un-Patina is the reverse of the Patina AM1 Women’s Premium and is being launched in honor of Air Max Day. Every pair of shoes is covered in a custom copper paint and aged to showcase a dashing and distinct patina. Most of the shoe is then covered in a protective coating, expect some parts to continue to age as you handle them and expose them to the elements.

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The price includes the base shoe. Estimated wait time is 10 to 14 weeks. Due to high demand and only 1 Chef in the Kitchen wait times are steep and subject to change without notice.  All sales are final, no exceptions.

Actual pictures of completed customs are typically not revealed until all ordered pairs are ready to ship. This eliminates copy cat shark biters, ya dig!

This is the women’s version!