Custom “Patina” Jordan 4 by GourmetKickz

$ 1,000.00

The Jordan 4 is completely redone in this first custom 4 by GourmetKickz ever. Patina panels with varying degree of oxidation, copper painted frontal, tongue and Jumpman logo. Genuine leather laces with hand wrapped copper wire lacetips. Your box lid will also be painted just like the shoe.

This is not a quick color flip, this is genuine down and dirty deep paint-based custom artwork on a sneaker. Proper prep of the base shoe, careful masking, meticulous detail work, and well chosen garnishes make this a masterpiece dish. You are shopping top shelf custom work here, this is not to be compared with novice level artistry.


Standard wait times apply. Due to high demand and only 1 Chef in the Kitchen wait times are steep and subject to change without notice.  All sales are final, no exceptions.