Custom Jordan III PaIIIna / PaThreena by GourmetKickz

Custom Jordan 3 Patina PaThreena by GourmetKickz

Chef seems determined to make his Patina effect a staple in the sneaker culture as we see yet another oxidized copper shoe emerge from his GourmetKickz Kitchen. (Not to be confused with rust, Patina is a coating that develops only on copper and its alloys.) This time Chef uses a Jordan III as the base and applies his patina effect to the entire upper with varying overlay effects from panel to panel. The elephant print front and rear panels are brushed with copper at the surface, while the grooves retain the bluish green patina for a great textured contrast effect. Other areas receive a light coat of copper, allowing some of the patina texture to catch the sunlight and create an interesting color shifting effect. The toebox and sidewalls remain completely coated in patina, which emphasizes the texture of the leather. Chef completes this piece of finely cooked wearable art with contrasting lacestay accents, tongue and heel logos, painted midsoles, and a lace swap. Even the lace tips are wrapped in copper wire while the lacelocks are plates of old copper. Accompanying this piece is an equally amazing custom laser etched box with slide top. The laser etched logo-centric inlays are filled with copper paint and the wood is painted in a vintage chalky green to match the shoes. The lid is mated with a graphic that matches the custom insoles, and a cork locks the lid in place.

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