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When all the designs Chef cooks up are dope, it is very hard to narrow down favorites. Who better to suggest top picks than the man who cooked them up? This selection of “featured dishes” has been compiled by the man himself. This list of offerings will typically change every so often. Some dishes however will remain on this list longer than others. Creating custom kicks is a passion for Chef, designing sneaker color match tees and apparel for newly released and collectible sneakers is a close second. From time to time a custom sneaker series by Chef is so dope that he will design a series of shirt to accompany them. Such custom sneaker themes that have influenced the flow of the kitchen are the Kill Bill series and the Patina series. The design of the first Kill Bill all over print t-shirt that Chef made was so sick and well balanced, it now serves as a template for creating shirts to hook up with many hot sneaker releases. The patina series of custom kicks from the GourmetKickz Kitchen spawned a shirt design featuring the Statue of Liberty merged with Chef’s trademark Now Serving Logo. This design now appears on a few other shirts that hook up to sneakers with an NYC theme. Enjoy this selection of featured offerings as they represent Chef’s current favorites.